The Secret To Choosing Property That Will Allow You To Retire On The Passive Income

Ex estate agent - now retired surfing fan James Dawson reveals his secret to replacing your income with the passive income power of commercial real estate investing...

The Insider Agent's Secret to Earning an Extra Paycheck Without Working a Second Job

When I started out in property it was hard to expand my portfolio because the banks would only lend me a limited amount and yields were so low.

Trying to grow was like paddling against the current - it was hard work for little reward.

Then a mentor let me in on an insider secret that quickly doubled my income without me having to do any extra work.

Then I tripled that "side-paycheck" using the same simple process and retired to Byron Bay while still in my 30's - and I've been here for the last 20 years, living in a luxury property and surfing every day.

I realise that it won't take anything away from me to share this with others so now I want to share this insider investment with you and help you start living the life that haunts you in your sweetest dreams.

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9 Reasons To Attend This Free Online Event

  • The "Trifecta Secret" that gives you up to triple the positive cashflow of normal investors. Get as much as $25,000 passive income from a $480,000 property.

  • How to use the "Magic Numbers" 4 & 8 to get up to $10,000 per month of net real estate income. This 'arbitrage' secret is almost like buying $1 for 50 cents.

  • The secret to getting 3, 5 or even 10 years of 'locked in cashflow' stream from real estate. This is true 'set-and forget' income.

  • How to find high performing, high cash flow commercial property deals

  • How to increase the value of a building before you even buy it and then how to save 1000's when you do.

  • How to analyse any commercial property deal to eliminate mistakes and maximise profits.

  • How to get 6% - 9% positive cash flow from capital city properties. Sometimes more...

  • Where you can get great positive cash flow deals day in day out?

  • And much, MUCH more...

Your Webinar Host

"We acquired our first cash flow property in 49 days!"

Hi!   I'm James

I started investing in property over 40 years ago now and over the years have done many millions of dollars worth of property deals and developments.


Around 24 years ago I officially retired to the Byron Bay Hinterland. I start every day with a surf and fresh juice and live a healthy, relaxed, stress-free lifestyle.

I still invest a property and continue to grow in portfolio but, having developed a very healthy income (more than I can use), I am now dedicated to helping others achieve the lifestyle of their dreams.

I’ve distilled my 33 years of successful investing experience into a training program. I invite you to come and attend my next FREE training presentation.

Come along – you won’t regret it.

"...Initially I was dubious about the whole process and the figures bandied around on your programs just seemed to good to be believed but after getting this I still can’t believe it really.

My tenant has agreed to sign a variation of a new 4 year and 3 + 3 option so after 4 years it will be returning 11.75% ($35,038 pa)"

~ Gerard & Shirley Wilkinson

"$44k positive cashflow on our first deal thanks to James"

Our very first commercial property deal thanks to James Dawson’s expertise

was a 3 shop property.

We were able to get the property below asking price thanks to the negotiation techniques we learned from James and we are currently $14k positive cashflow with one of the shops vacant. Once the third shop is leased we will be between $34k and $44k positive cashflow after all expenses and loan repayments.

We also chose this property because it had several hidden upsides and exit strategies which James explained in his commercial property training.

We are very happy with this strategy, our first deal and James’ training.

~Carlos and Lini Collins

This is an educational webinar only. My goal is to educate you so that you can avoid the traps and pitfalls many uneducated investors fall into. Commercial property has many advantages over residential investing, but it is not something that you should take on uneducated, as mistakes can be costly. In this webinar I hope to empower you to make smarter decisions. 
If you feel I am worthy mentor and coach, allow me to show you and offer my educational and coaching services to assist you on your commercial real estate journey. These offerings are purely optional and I promise not to hard sell in any way, simply to give you a way to accelerate your wealth by investing in commercial property well should you desire to take it.